Swedish authenticity, my review of the Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches

Nordic Spirit captures the essence of the Great North and Sweden in particular. Thanks to carefully chosen flavors and very successful dosages, explore the Scandinavian landscape. Coniferous forests, fjords and large lakes are within your reach with these nicotine pouches in Slim format. Start or continue your smoking cessation with Nordic Spirit and finally get away from the evils of traditional cigarettes.

nordic spirit

Nordic Spirit, nicopouches that inspire you to go on a journey

Nordic Spirit is a Swedish brand renowned on the market of nicotine pouches. Highly regarded for its experience, expertise and authenticity, the brand is one of the spearheads of the nicotine pouch market. Discover with me the reasons why Nordic Spirit has established itself among the best designers of nicotine pouches.



What Mathieu thought of the Nordic Spirit nicopouches

I find the design of the Nordic Spirit cans particularly successful and to my taste. As a lover of minimalism and sobriety, I am particularly sensitive to the pure and elegant aspect of these visuals. The lid is obviously detachable and houses the airtight compartment to store used pouches. It contains the essential information: the strength, here Strong (also indicated by a scale), the flavor and the logo of the brand. The latter is made with a gradient of colors evoking the flavors, with a slight shiny effect quite successful. Without being the most original on the market, the aspect of the boxes remains satisfactory.


I tested for you three flavors of the Swedish brand Nordic Spirit. I was really convinced by the accuracy of the flavors of these pouches of nicotine that make the beautiful part of Swedish traditions. It is clear that in terms of flavors, Nordic Spirit masters its subject perfectly! It is therefore not surprising that this manufacturer is among the best brands of nicotine pouches in Europe! Nordic Spirit takes you on a gustatory journey directly inspired by the flavors and typical ingredients of Sweden. Discovery of the three recipes tested : Berry Citrus, Smooth Mint and Elderflower. Berry Citrus will delight lovers of fruity flavors with its assortment of wild berries. A delicately sweet cocktail that Nordic Spirit sublimates thanks to notes of bergamot to bring a light point of acidity. A very successful recipe! Smooth Mint, or the frosty experience of Scandinavian cold. A menthol-peppermint duo that instantly drops the temperature. Balanced, refreshing, exotic, a flavor that lovers of fresh nicopouches will appreciate! Elderflower is a ray of sunshine that makes the snowy fjords and your taste buds sparkle. Taste the sweet bitterness of elderflower enhanced by the acidity of lime juice. A perfectly balanced and daring association, a great success!


Once placed under the lip, the Nordic Spirit nicopouches are very comfortable. Very soft, they do not have a feeling of granularity that can be embarrassing to the tasting. Nordic Spirit has an obvious know-how in the design of pouches of nicotine, it is not for nothing that many nicotapers use their products during their smoking cessation. I tested these pouches of nicotine Nordic Spirit Slim format, the ideal compromise between comfort of use, discretion and durability. Barely more imposing than the Mini format, the Slim format remains invisible under the lip and is very quickly forgotten. Moreover, Nordic Spirit also declines some flavors in mini format, to discover here


Users looking for lower dosages should therefore avoid Nordic Spirit nicopouches in Strong strength and turn to the multitude of nicotine pouches in Light or Medium strength. You do not know what strength is best suited to your needs? Follow the guide, all the answers to your questions can be found in our complete guide on nicopouches!


Like the vast majority of Slim format nicotine pouches, Nordic Spirit pouches are Standard, meaning they are packaged to be slightly moist to the touch. This gives them an almost instant release of flavors and nicotine. It is therefore hardly surprising that the desire to smoke disappears extremely quickly by placing a pouch under the lip. Nordic Spirit nicofills also have a shelf life during which the flavors and nicotine are diffused of about minus thirty minutes. A satisfactory and average duration of use. 


Nice success for Nordic Spirit, which is one of the best brands on the market for nicotine pouches. Aromas and flavors controlled, simple packaging going to the essential and uncluttered, declination in two formats (Slim and Mini), the Nordic Spirit nicopods have seduced me.